9 traditional English cottages with thatched roofs

Thatched cottages have existed in England for more than a millennium.  Thatching is the use of straw as a building material,  particularly for the roof of the cottage structure.  Straw was a preferred material to cover homes due to it’s light weight and the fact that the structural beams of those times could not take much weight.  Thatched English cottages are a ‘romantic’ theme for those who seek an idealised version of rural living.  Thatching started declining during the Victorian era with the development of rail transport which brought slate from Wales for use as building material.  However, thatched roofs are seeing a renaissance with the price for a thatched cottage being much higher than a tiled one.  Here is a collection of 10 beautiful thatched cottages from rural England.

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English_cottages_74119594 copy

English_cottages_54349000 copy

English_cottages_50133253 copy

English_cottages_1582813 copy


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