13 Interior Design Themes Presented As Style Cards

The easiest way to communicate a design plan is to present design themes with visual references.  Images communicate a lot more than words especially during a creative project.  Here are 13 interior design themes presented as style cards to communicate the visual aspects of each theme.

Parisian Red

Unapologetic rouge sashaying into living rooms with regal grace, providing the perfect backdrop to wall art & accessories.


Sunny yellows peeping through whitewashed walls, accessorised with bright blue benches and terracotta pottery.

Natural Zen

Natural materials, neutral shades and unassuming objects come together to create a space of calm reflection.

Coastal Italy

From the fishing village of Riomaggiore and the vivid waterways of Burano, comes a reminder of the rich culture of rural Italy, replete with colorful imagery.

Azure Jodhpur

A sea of blue rising amidst the sweltering desert sands of India, in myriad shades of azure, accented by colorful details and the apparel of the residents.

Indoor Outdoor

Bringing nature indoors seamlessly as an extension of the living space and moving design outdoors through clever accessories and all-climate furniture.

Rustic Vibrant

Shabby chic furniture and accessories in vibrant colors & patterns to create a quaint & cosy look.

Neutral Pine

Scandinavian design that inspires clean lines, flat furniture, subtle shades and an expanse of natural light, all in a bid for minimalist and uncomplicated living.

Azul Paradiso

A paradise of blue inspired by the Grecian coastline, to create a restful living space resonating with the sound of waves & charming rural alleys.

Cobble Stone

An earthy and raw look, combining stone and wicker with burnt shades of sienna and orange, for a grounded and rustic lifestyle.

Vivid Sunshine

An eternal summer of luminous yellows spreading cheer and energy to uplift the spirit and foster the community.

Mystic Zen

A sense of awakening communicated through vivid pinks and purples, combined with bamboo and wrought iron to culminate in a stimulating and reflective living space.


Raw, rustic white slathered onto rough walls, complemented with handmade pottery, chic accessories and dark wood furniture, for a quaint living atmosphere.

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