16 pictures of hugging animals that will leave you emotional

Love and affection is not exclusive to humans as these pictures of animals and birds in the wild show us.  These 16 candid pictures of hugging animals prove that physically touching and feeling each other is a way to express intimacy and belonging.  Don’t miss the expressions on the faces and the body language.  All of life is bound in love.  That much seems true.

Animals_hugging_11372365 copy
Emperor penguins in love


Animals_hugging_24680317 copy
Dolphins swimming close to each other


Animals_hugging_34292638 copy
Grizzly bears hug each other while lying down


Animals_hugging_40782130 copy
Elephants using their trunks to express affection and belonging


Animals_hugging_41827513 copy
Cheetahs snatch a hug in the grass


Animals_hugging_42983683 copy
Otters hug each other while swimming


Animals_hugging_53454391 copy
Tigers being intimate in the wild


Animals_hugging_64073896 copy
Horses holding their heads close to each other


Animals_hugging_70658833 copy
Giraffes intertwining their long necks


Animals_hugging_72532117 copy
Pandas in a bear hug


Animals_hugging_85510450 copy
Sea lions in a show of intimacy


Animals_hugging_105175199 copy
Parrots in love


Animals_hugging_131100155 copy
Polar bear mama and baby on a swim


Animals_hugging_149411399 copy
Safe with mama


Animals_hugging_198547688 copy
Hugging zebras in the Kruger National Park, South Africa




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