2016 Color Trends Forecast For India

Rudecolor is proud to present the 2016 Color Trends Forecast for India. From heritage beiges to harvest greens, this forecast features a color palette that is inspired by the heart of India – it’s rural landscapes and humble lifestyles.  As most urban Indians have their origin in the rural heartlands, there is a visceral affinity to the colors of their place of origin.  Vibrant blues, vivid yellows are complemented by aged browns and ancient reds in this colorful collection representing an evolving India.

The report is free to read and distribute with attribution & link to Rudecolor.com.


Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_Cover_8 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_Cover_6 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_Cover_1 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_9 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_2 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_12


Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_Cover_2 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_1 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_10Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_14



Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_Cover_4 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_8 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_11 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_15


Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_Cover_3 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_7 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_5 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_13 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_3


Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_Cover_5 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_19 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_16 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_17 Rudecolor_India_Color_Trends_18

Download the full report, absolutely free, right here.

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