5 Steps To Choosing A Rustic Color Palette

5 Steps To Choosing A Rustic Color Palette is the first post in our Color Consultancy series, where we take you through a step by step walkthrough to arrive at the perfect color scheme.

The perfect color palette has a 
unique fusion of logic and magic

Logic refers to the analytical, practical and strategic objectives that have been set by the client.  These may include mandatory elements like the brand colors or an approved typography.  Magic refers to the creative, intuitive and insightful quality of good design that can only be experienced sensorially.  It consists of visual cues that awaken a memory or an emotion and ties in perfectly into the brand message.

Having set a foundation to the color consultancy approach, here are 5 steps to choosing a rustic color palette:

1. Brand Positioning

Brand positioning describes how a brand is different from its competitors and where, or how, it sits in a particular market.

A stable brand with a history

A brand that has served generations

A belief in solid, traditional values

2. Target Audience

The target audience refers to the consumers that the brand seeks to approach and build a stable and profitable relationship with.

Dispersed across small towns

Traditional lifestyle

Seeking stable relationships

3. Mood

The mood refers to the emotional takeaway for the consumer.  It is a blend of sensation, memory and desire, evoking deep-rooted emotions & linkages.

Stability and security

A sense of responsibility

Traditional values

Commitment to family

4. Imagery

The visual references for any positioning would depend on the geographic and demographic characteristics of the target audience.

Agricultural & pastoral land

Aroma and crackle of home made bread

Raw clay vessels & distressed doors

5. Keyword clusters

Keywords are terms or phrases that communicate significant and memorable attributes.  Similar keywords are grouped into clusters.

rural, countryside, pastoral

simple, homely, peasant

rough, coarse, distressed

intimate, warm, pleasant

natural, folksy, homespun


Final Output – Mood Boards

intimate, warm, pleasant

image-10 (1)


simple, homely, peasant


rough, coarse, distressed


natural, folksy, homespun


rural, countryside, pastoral



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