8 people you would exchange places with, like, right now

If you are a travel aficionado who gets excited about exotic places, adventurous lands and cultural experiences, this series of pictures is just what you need to repel the boredom out of the day.  Featuring lone figures perusing incredible views, these images will make you want to exchange places with them for a moment in time and a memory for eternity.

travel_perspectives_103558415 copy
An Indian woman in red, looking at carvings on the walls of the temples of Khajuraho, famous for their erotic sculptures.


travel_perspectives_120934003 copy
The chief of a Samburu village gazes out at the vast Serengeti in Kenya, Africa.


travel_perspectives_132407726 copy
A Bedouin nomad seats himself to partake of the majesty of the desert.


travel_perspectives_142800001 copy
A woman from the Black H’mong tribe takes in the view of the lush green landscape of Vietnam.


travel_perspectives_173627291 copy
A Sri Lankan stilt fisherman sits patiently on his pedestal during a glorious sunset across the Indian ocean.


travel_perspectives_191891573 copy
A lone fisherman pulling in his catch of the day in Lijiang River,Guilin,China.


travel_perspectives_192651128 copy
Two solemn Buddhist monks in deep contemplation on their perch at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.


travel_perspectives_141029227 copy
A mountain trekker perusing the formidable Himalayan range during high winter in Nepal.




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