9 Interior Design Definitions For Beginners

Interior designers have their own unique vocabulary to refer to themes, moods and details.  If you are aspiring to be an interior designer or planning to hire one, it is important to know what these words mean.  They will be thrown around quite often and you don’t want to feel lost during lofty design discussions.  Here is a quick and ready primer of 9 interior design definitions to make you sound like a design-aware individual.

This does not mean piling your DVDs in a corner.10


No, no, no…this does not refer to exotic lingerie.1


And this is not a buttery English cake.14


Nor is this an area of Manhattan where a sandwich costs more than a steak.11


Believe it or not, this is not always considered sloppy.4


This does not mean a black & white or sepia decorating theme.2


And yes, ‘kinda like Ikea’ has a real name.8


No, this is in no way related to rock music.5


Yes, there are all kinds of candles and they have different names.9

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