A Guide To Creating Beautiful Color Combinations

How do you put colors together?  The Newtonian color wheel gives us a basic logic of combining colors based on their position on the color wheel.  This could be analogous, complimentary, split complimentary, triadic and tetradic.  The idea is to map colors by their distance from each other in terms of hue, chromaticity and lightness or darkness.

We wanted to create an effective guide to creating beautiful color combinations.  So we went a step further from the Newtonian color wheel and said to ourselves, “In addition to color, what if we map complimentary materials, moods and beliefs?  Would we still arrive at beautiful color combinations?”  Incredibly, we did!

What we ended up with,  were not merely colors that complimented each other but also cultural imagery and emotional connections.  This revelation is important in the context of understanding visceral affinities to color and the cultural impact on color choices.  In addition, we are able to chart a visual journey of arriving at color combinations – a tool that becomes all the more effective while presenting color schemes to clients.

RudeColor Palette 14RudeColor Palette 11RudeColor Palette 12RudeColor Palette 16RudeColor Palette 13RudeColor Palette 9RudeColor Palette 8RudeColor Palette 6RudeColor Palette 10RudeColor Palette 4RudeColor Palette 5RudeColor Palette 7RudeColor Palette 2RudeColor Palette 3RudeColor Palette of the day 1




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