• 2015 COLOR TRENDS & MOOD BOARDS FOR DESIGN PROJECTS is your free copy from RudeColor for instant color & design inspiration this coming year. At rudecolor.com, we are passionate about helping designers with information and resources to arrive at the right color schemes using tools such as mood boards and color trend forecasts.

    In 2015, we see a return to raw, primitive tones of scorched earth and baked bisque. This is the result of large segments of consumers adopting a conscious and grounded lifestyle. At the same time, an increase in travel has brought an influx of Aegean and ethnic influences showcased in cool blues and colonial reds. Ecology plays a significant role in modern lifestyles and is represented by fresh greens and weathered browns. Nostalgia and the memory of simpler times is still prevalent with vintage pastels and retro hues.

    To showcase each color trend, we have presented them in a mood board format. Each mood board showcases reference images, keywords and color schemes with hex values – as a quick and ready reference for any design project. In our experience, mood boards are a great tool for creative collaboration and can be shared with colleagues and clients to indicate a design direction.

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