2016 Color Trends For India


Rudecolor is proud to present the 2016 Color Trends Forecast for India. From heritage beiges to harvest greens, this forecast features a color palette that is inspired by the heart of India – it’s rural landscapes and humble lifestyles. As most urban Indians have their origin in the rural heartlands, there is a visceral affinity to the colors of their place of origin. Vibrant blues, vivid yellows are complemented by aged browns and ancient reds in this colorful collection representing an evolving India.

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  • Rudecolor.com is a color trends & design inspiration magazine that showcases cultural landscapes, trend reports & mood boards.  The 2016 Colour Trends Forecast for India is an attempt to chart the evolution of consumers and their colour & design preferences in one of the fastest growing markets in the world.  These are the featured trends:
    The spirit of India dwells in her villages, towns and cities.  Diversity is her identity and the people of India communicate that in their use of colour.  A multitude of colours are chaotically assembled together to form an identity that speaks less of bedlam and more of tolerance.  Indians today are far more aware of the strength of their diversity and seek to preserve, nurture and cherish it.
    India keeps walking hand-in-hand with it’s past.  As the young, rejuvenated country seeks to take hold of it’s future, it also refuses to let go of the richness of it’s past and the wisdom that has sustained it through the ages.  Heritage to Indians is not merely art, crafts or architecture.  It also includes values and morals that have been passed down through ancient texts and imbibed through the teachings of elders.
    Home to over half a million villages, India’s rural families are spreading their branches into urban towns and cities.  Children often leave villages to seek their livelihood in bustling modern cities.  Urban India, while boasting of burgeoning development is also deeply aware of the huge swathes of rural India that often lack basic infrastructure.  There is a sense of turmoil over the great divide within India.
    Agriculture is the mainstream income source for rural India.  The advent of the monsoon and the resulting harvest is a time of culmination and celebration.  Lush green foliage brings forth man and animal to celebrate the land and it’s endowments.  Like most festive occasions, the spring harvest is accompanied by community gatherings, village fairs, fresh coats of paint and ornamentation.
    With a pantheon of thousands of gods, Indian culture is steeped in religion, worship and devotion.  A closer observation reveals the intermingling of religion and community, with every festival signalling a community celebration replete with processions, ornamentation and distribution of alms.  Religion keeps communities bound and festivals bring society’s richest and humblest together as equals.
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