These Russian rag dolls are simple to make but hold deep meaning

Rag dolls hold symbolism in Russian culture with every new born baby receiving it’s first rag doll from the mother, who creates the doll during her pregnancy.  An easy creation, the rag doll is usually dressed in elaborate finery but the face is kept plain without features painted or embroidered on to the cloth.  Folk belief says that a faceless doll is inanimate and does not attract evil spirits.  Thus the humble rag doll became not just a toy but a talisman in Russian culture.  They make their appearances during weddings and festivals, as a good will gift for luck and prosperity.  Here is a curated collection of Russian rag dolls in all their color and finery.

Russian_Rag_Dolls_25932547 copy Russian_Rag_Dolls_25935391 copy Russian_Rag_Dolls_25935403 copy Russian_Rag_Dolls_25935406 copy Russian_Rag_Dolls_25935412 copy Russian_Rag_Dolls_25935427 copy


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