The fascinating Pushkar camel fair

In November, around the full moon of the Hindu Kartika month, an astonishing 50, 000 camels and over 200, 000 camel traders, pilgrims and tourists,  converge on the tiny desert town of Pushkar in Rajasthan, India.  The Pushkar camel fair is not just a trading platform, but a festive melange of music, dancing, crafts and local competitions.  The camels on sale are elaborately adorned to attract potential buyers as are the visitors with their colorful turbans and long moustaches.  For those seeking an authentic desert experience, this is one event you cannot afford to miss.

Pushkar_camel_fair_60743290 copy
Camel traders arrive early in the morning and feed their camels for the rigorous day ahead.


Pushkar_camel_fair_111069086 copy
A man participates in the ‘Longest Moustache’ competition during the fair.


Pushkar_camel_fair_122256790 copy
Camels as far as the eye can see – camel traders sitting in a group during the fair.


Pushkar_camel_fair_122256799 copy
A trader leads his herd of camels to his spot at the fair.


Pushkar_camel_fair_125138834 copy
A festive occasion, the Pushkar camel fair features kiosks and ferris wheels.


Pushkar_camel_fair_125139407 copy
Two young camel riders preparing to take part in the ‘camel decoration’ contest.


Pushkar_camel_fair_125898515 copy
Rajasthan police maintaining law and order during the Pushkar camel fair which attracts over 200, 000 people.


Pushkar_camel_fair_127460357 copy
Young, adorned visitors delight at the proceedings at the fair.


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