The subversive street art of Banksy

Banksy is the pseudonym for a Bristol-born artist who is known for his subversive and satirical street art.  With his distinct stencilling technique in primarily black & white, Banksy’s grafitti is a social and political commentary, making surprise appearances in cities around the world.  His movie, ‘Exit through the gift shop‘ was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2011.

Here are a few of Banksy’s satirical works on display.

Banksy_grafitti_9245464 copy
Satirical street art by Banksy


Banksy_grafitti_66779947 copy
Famous Banksy piece titled Mild Mild West on a brick wall in the city centre in Bristol, UK. Bristol is well known for its graffiti and street art.


Banksy_grafitti_151320815 copy
Bansky’s “Allegiance to Tesco” graffiti in London


Banksy_grafitti_71385562 copy
Banksy grafitti on a wall in the occupied territories in Bethlehem.


Banksy_grafitti_153204866 copy
Stencil graffiti piece by Banksy on a building in Bristol, UK.


Banksy_grafitti_70304863 copy
Another graffiti by Banksy in the occupied territories of Bethlehem.


Banksy_grafitti_151306049 copy
Banksy Graffiti at Trinity Quay Wharf in London.


Banksy_grafitti_153498704 copy
Banksy’s “One Nation Under CCTV” Graffiti located off of Oxford Street, London.




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