These colorful tiled steps will make you take the stairs everytime

The staircase is an area that usually does not see much experimentation.  However, in the cases that we have featured, one realises that staircases can be adorned with colorful tiles, mosaics and patterns.  The ensuing effect is that of visual interest and delight as one takes each step to discover a whimsical detail or subtle pattern. Taking the stairs will never be the same again.  Here are a few examples of colorful tiled steps from around the world.


Colorful_Tiled_Steps_2836669 copy
A stairway tiled with ethnic designed tiles in Mexico


Colorful_Tiled_Steps_25211491 copy
Sett blocks pattern in multiple colors


Colorful_Tiled_Steps_90982568 copy
Colorful staircase featuring Mexican Talavera Tiles


Colorful_Tiled_Steps_113433175 copy
Colorful patterns formed with broken ceramic tiles in Thailand.


Colorful_Tiled_Steps_131755310 copy
Distinctive blue tile mosaic stairwell in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico


Colorful_Tiled_Steps_366709 copy
Diagonally arranged tiles for an interesting visual effect.


Colorful_Tiled_Steps_8432923 copy
Tiled church steps in Costa Rica


Colorful_Tiled_Steps_144779404 copy
A gold finish tiled staircase




Colorful_Tiled_Steps_188444390 copy
Escadaria Selaron in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The stairway is a famous work of Chilean artist Jorge Selaron.




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