These Greek gods could be on the cover of any men’s magazine

The Hellenistic deity system consisted of twelve Olympian gods headed by Zeus.  Each of these deities had their own temples and sanctuaries.  In time, the Greeks started worshipping heroes or those they thought were semi-divine like Hercules.  The remains of this religion is now found in the form of sculptures and marble statues, created to represent the best of man and god.  Much needs to be said of the craftsmen of that time whose works of art are considered marvels, even in these modern times.  Here is a curated collection of Greek gods that is definitely going to elicit a positive response from our female readers!

Greek_gods_61499320 copy
Statue of Mars in Venice, Italy.


Greek_gods_56594995 copy
Hercules and Cerberus in Hofburg, Vienna.


Greek_gods_81754948 copy
A sculpted statue of Neptune


Greek_gods_99291071 copy
Statue of Bacchus on the Holy Trinity Bridge of Florence, Italy.


Greek_gods_120984448 copy
The statue of Mercury riding Pegasus in Paris.


Greek_gods_126907076 copy
Neptune’s statue at the Fontana di Trevi in Rome, Italy.


Greek_gods_147457829 copy
Apollo’s statue in the Academy of Athens ,Greece.


Greek_gods_172405496 copy
Statue of Hercules and Cacus, standing in front of the Palazzo Vecchio at Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy.




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