This fairy tale playground will make you feel like a child all over again

Tucked away near the Landscape Alley of Kiev, is a fantastical children’s playground with unique sculptures embellished with colorful tiles to create a fairy tale atmosphere that mesmerises both children and adults.  Majestic smiling cats, bunny benches, embracing zebras make an appearance in this park, the brainchild of Kiev’s sculptors – Constantine Skretutsky, Olga Kondratska and Lesya Kara Kotsya, among others – with generous donations from government and cultural bodies.  


KievPlayground_103995749 copy


KievPlayground_106661540 copy


KievPlayground_181293866 copy


KievPlayground_182601641 copy


KievPlayground_186112034 copy


KievPlayground_191053901 copy




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