This is why Andy Warhol would have been great at social media

Did you know that Andy Warhol loved cats?  His mother owned several cats, all named Sam except one called Hester.  During his time as an illustrator in an advertising agency,  Andy Warhol created whimsical drawings of cats, most of which were given away as gifts to clients.  Here is a selection of cat illustrations from Andy Warhol’s early works.

andy-warhol-so-meow-c-1958 andy-warhol-one-blue-pussy-c-1954 andy-warhol-green-sam-c-1956 andy-warhol-cat-from-25-cats-named-sam-and-one-blue-pussy-c-1954-red-sam andy-warhol-cat-from-25-cats-named-sam-and-one-blue-pussy-c-1954-pink-sam andy-warhol-cat-from-25-cats-named-sam-and-one-blue-pussy-c-1954-green-cat andy-warhol-cat-from-25-cats-named-sam-and-one-blue-pussy-c-1954-gold-sam


Andy Warhols Cats



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